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The Ocean
Twilight Zone
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It’s dark. It’s vast. And it’s the domain of countless creatures that are so weird, they seem to be from another world. Because they are.

These strange and wonderful creatures are the inhabitants of the ocean twilight zone. It’s critical to the health of our planet, but our understanding of it is limited because it is vast, remote, and inhospitable to humans. Our mission is to expand knowledge of the ocean twilight zone to discover more about the creatures that live there, their place in global food webs, their lives and behavior, and the important role they play in the global climate.

New advances in technology are revolutionizing oceanography and providing unprecedented access to places like the deep ocean. Ultimately, these tools will help inform scientific understanding, public action, and policy decisions, helping to keep the ocean twilight zone weird and wonderful for years to come.

Learn more about the Ocean Twilight Zone Project.

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It’s dark. It’s deep.
It’s alive. And it’s weird.
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Discover Hidden Depths

Find Your Weird

Welcome to the ocean twilight zone,
a mysterious place hundreds of feet
below the ocean waves.

A hidden world filled with creatures whose strangeness is a strength, and whose weirdness makes them wonderful. Despite their bizarre looks and even more bizarre behavior, the inhabitants of the twilight zone are more relatable than they seem. Look beneath the surface and discover your inner ocean weird.

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